Finding Connection in Groups at Chase Oaks

Posted by Jennifer Rogers, Contributing Writer, on Aug 11, 2021

Finding Connection in Groups at Chase Oaks

At Chase Oaks, one of our DNA statements is “we don’t go it alone.” Groups at Chase Oaks are a great way to establish long-term relationships and find deeper connection. Some are based on stage of life, others are gender-based, and still others are a diverse mixture. Whatever the focus, groups provide a space where we can come as we are, be transformed, and make a difference. 

Here are some featured groups at Chase Oaks:

Care Groups at Chase Oaks

No one should have to navigate struggle and crisis alone. So, when life becomes chaotic and unpredictable, we have some great groups that can help you rebuild your life after loss and find hope in the middle of difficult circumstances.

  • DivorceCare
    Although we hear about how prevalent divorce is in our society, it is still one of life’s most challenging experiences to navigate. Divorce leaves us broken. We have a special care group that can help you on the road to recovery.

    DivorceCare is a 13-week group designed to help walk you through the pain and recovery of divorce or separation so that you can find wholeness again. This is a recovery group that is designed to encourage you and provide guidance from a biblical perspective. For registration and more information, email Lori Thompson at [email protected].

  • GriefShare
    Losing a loved one is never easy. Coping with grief and loss is arguably one of the hardest things you will ever have to endure in life.

    At Chase Oaks, we offer GriefShare, a 13-week group that walks with you through the grieving process. GriefShare is facilitated by caring people who understand what it means to lose a loved one and who are there to help you move towards hope, healing, and rebuilding your life after loss. For registration and more information, contact Lori Thompson at [email protected].

  • Forgiven and Set Free
    Every abortion story is different. Some may not experience regret, while others may feel isolated by deep pain and soul-wrenching shame. But you are not alone. This 120week study offers hope and healing with other women who have experienced this hidden pain. Participation is kept private, and trained leaders will guide discussion and activities to help you begin processing the emotions tied to your abortion story in light of God’s truth.

    For registration and more information, contact Anita at [email protected].

  • Illuminate and Ignite

    Illuminate is a care group for those who are struggling in life, whether from failed relationships, confusion about worth, or a     difficult season of pain and suffering. This 12-week group is designed to help people establish where and how they define     their worth, develop emotional resiliency, establish boundaries, and resolve hurt, guilt, and shame.

    Ignite is a care group for couples who are struggling in their marriages. Whether the marriage is in crisis, or the couple is just     struggling with communication, this group provides a safe place to begin to find hope and healing. This 12-week group helps     couples develop guidelines and tools for healthy conflict and communication in a supportive setting.

    Contact Shanda at [email protected] with any questions about Illuminate or Ignite.

  • The Harbor
    The Harbor is a great group for students (Grades 6-12) that just need a safe place where they can come as they are and be authentic and real with both their peers and adult small-group leaders. Since life can be tough as a teenager, The Harbor strives to help students learn healthy ways to cope with life and deal with anxiety and pain through the lens of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    If you would like more information about The Harbor, contact Shanda Gunter at [email protected].

  • Women’s Groups at Chase Oaks
    Women thrive when they are in a community with other women. Whether you are married or single, a mom with small children or a mom of fur babies, or a young college student or young professional, we have a women’s group for you!

  • MOMS Connection
    Mom life is so busy and can be stressful sometimes. So, we have created an amazing space where moms can get a break from the everyday routines and recharge without worrying about what their children are getting into.

    If you are the mom of an infant or preschool-aged child, MOMS Connection might be the group for you! This group meets twice a month (September-May) to enjoy breakfast, listen to a wonderful speaker, and learn from one another through a great discussion, including a “mentor mom” at each table who has experienced these challenging (yet awesome) years and lived to tell about it!

    To get connected, register online, or contact Lori Eubanks at [email protected] for more information.

  • Women’s Bible Study
    No matter what life stage you are in right now, women’s Bible study is a great short-term group where you can connect with ladies of all ages and stages of life. We will dive into God’s Word together and share our lives with one another. Groups meet twice a year in the spring and fall.

  • Men’s Groups at Chase Oaks
    Every guy needs a place where he can feel comfortable, relax, and be real—an environment where it’s not about being impressive but about being known. Come connect with other guys at Chase Oaks Church through a men’s short-term group. Through some authentic conversations around life and God’s Word, we’ll journey with each other and encourage one another as we live, work, and lead wherever we find ourselves.

  • Established Groups at Chase Oaks
    Something within all of us longs for more in life—in our relationship with God, our work, home, or church experience and faith. Something powerful happens when we take a season to journey with God and others in an intentional way in order to dig deeper into life’s biggest questions and our hearts’ deepest longings.

    Established is a 10-week small-group experience that will help you be more confident in what you believe by journeying through the foundational elements of Christianity and discipleship. Whether you’ve been following Jesus for a long time or don’t consider yourself a Christ-follower at all, we believe Established will be a life-changing experience for you.

Fall Groups are launching soon, so don't miss the chance to get into the one that fits you best! If you have any questions or need more assistance with getting connected to a group at Chase Oaks, contact Ashley Khastehdel at

Groups enrollment starts soon! Sign up to be reminded when enrollment starts, right here

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