We were created for community. We were not meant to journey through life alone. But sometimes, finding connection and community can be difficult because it can be hard to find people with whom we can connect and build authentic, healthy relationships.

During the season of Love Does The Unexpected, Chase Oaker Ginny Andrews took a chance and reached out to the women around her. She found connection and community sitting right next to her at church one Sunday morning.

Video Transcription

Finding Connection and Community

There’s many people looking for a connection. Two years went by without me ever really feeling like I had become part of this church.

That Sunday, I walked into church and saw a girl standing by the door, and I asked her if she was new here, introduced myself, and I asked her if she had anybody to sit with and if she’d like to sit with me, and she said she would.

And just a few feet away was another girl standing who turned and looked at us, and we asked her if she’d like to come sit with us.

At the end of the sermon, I turned to both of them, who were my new friends sitting with me, and said, “That was so good. Do you think we should get together this week and talk about this?” And that was our first LifeGroup meeting.

There’s many people looking for a connection. Invite them for dinner. And through that, we have formed some great friendships. In our LifeGroup, we’ve had a funeral at my house, a graduation at another girl’s house, we’ve gone through all kind of life events together, we’ve had babies that we’ve celebrated. And I feel like we are family for each other.

This is Ginny Andrews and Love Does The Unexpected.

We all have a need for connection and community. To find a group of people to do life with and find the connection you have been craving, check out LifeGroups at Chase Oaks.