In May of 2014, my family and I arrived in Plano. In December, my children received an invitation to shop at ToyZone at Chase Oaks Family Center, where we could shop at a very discounted cost. I had no idea what to expect, but I went anyway. I was amazed at what I found at ToyZone! It was almost free!

When we arrived, some very loving people (Joyce Harms, David Harms, and Lucia Landino) greeted me and helped me choose toys for my children. While my children’s toys were being wrapped, they invited me to have coffee and cookies. While we talked, Lucia Landino and David Harms invited my family to a Christmas party that was taking place at Mendenhall Elementary, my children’s school.

I was told I could invite someone to the party, so I invited my sister, Susy, and her children. We had a lot of fun! In the end, Pastor Armando invited us to a service at Chase Oaks that would take place the next day. So, I said to my sister, “You have to come!”

Before moving to Plano, my family and I had recently begun attending a Christian church. Because of Armando’s invitation, I went to Chase Oaks Church En Español (the one that met at Mendenhall), and I loved it! My children loved it even more because it was at their school.

I met the love of God through the people at Chase Oaks En Español. I accepted Christ as my Savior, and my life began to make sense!

Soon, I began to go to English classes at the Family Center, but I did not know the relationship the Family Center had with Chase Oaks Church.

Later, I was hired to work with the children’s program at the Family Center. I am still working there, and I love it!

My neighbors, Vicky and Esperanza, began a Bible study in the neighborhood I lived in, but each time they met, there were more people coming to the study. Since the place was very small, I asked Family Center Director Julissa Estrada if we could meet at the Family Center, which would allow us to invite more people.  When Julissa said, “yes,” I was very excited! To this day, I help lead a group of ladies that meets for fellowship and Bible study every Friday.

Through our amazing experience at Chase Oaks, my family has been transformed. My husband and sister were baptized at Chase Oaks.

I feel very blessed to be a part of Chase Oaks, but I am especially thankful for all the opportunities and trust everyone has given me and for believing in me.

They are a great blessing in my life!

To make a difference in someone’s life, participate in Celebrate 2gether by dropping off unwrapped gifts and coats for our Christmas store, ToyZone, at your local campus this weekend. Thank you for your generosity this holiday season!