Love Does The Unexpected is about spreading love throughout our community as we act surprisingly, give generously, and share broadly. Act surprisingly is about engaging with our community in creative ways. It is about doing the unexpected by loving others in surprising ways in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools.

This spring, Chase Oakers at the Legacy Campus and the En Español Campus (located in Plano, TX) acted surprisingly in many ways throughout the Plano community. From hosting school carnivals to repairing homes and loving on the staff at local nonprofits, they made a difference in so many lives.

Doing the Unexpected in Our Schools

Loving Mendenhall Elementary

The Legacy Campus and En Español Campus joined forces to show how love does the unexpected at Mendenhall Elementary. Chase Oakers organized and served at the Mendenhall Carnival by donating supplies and manning booths such as Laser Tag. The carnival is a fundraiser for the school, so the campuses had the privilege of delivering a $2,000 check to the school.

Aside from making the school’s carnival happen, a team from Chase Oaks also made homemade goodies with words of encouragement and rented an Urban Crust Food Truck for the staff at Mendenhall. Both campuses also hosted a breakfast for its teachers. Chase Oakers came together to serve the school’s students and staff and made a difference at Mendenhall Elementary.

Loving Rasor Elementary

To love on Rasor Elementary, Chase Oakers at the Legacy Campus donated money to go towards their Color Run, so all students could participate. The donations covered the entry fees for students who are in need. The Legacy Campus also provided hot dogs for the school’s Math Night to make it a success! These simple acts of kindness made a big impact on the schools in our community.

Doing the Unexpected in Our Neighborhoods

Love Where You Live

The Love Where You Live program, sponsored by the City of Plano and its partners, is a neighborhood revitalization initiative. The goal of the program is to keep Plano neighborhoods beautiful, safe, and stable and to connect residents to each other, the city, and our volunteers. This year, this program focused on the Meadows/Ridgewood Neighborhood in Plano.

With 240 volunteers serving and connecting to Plano residents, the Legacy Campus completed various service projects in 22 homes. Chase Oakers, along with other organizations and volunteers, are helping to transform the Plano community one neighborhood at a time.

To see how Love Where You Live has impacted Plano, check out the City of Plano’s stats for the last nine years. Also, there are more opportunities to get involved in Love Where You Live this fall, so stay tuned to their website for the fall schedule.

Doing the Unexpected in Our Community

Supporting Women in Our Community

The Legacy Campus teamed up with many nonprofit organizations that support women. From giving gifts to single moms to helping women start a new chapter in their lives, Chase Oakers came around women from all walks in life to do the unexpected in surprising ways.

Partnering with the Agape Resource & Assistance Center, the Legacy Campus supported four Agape graduates as they moved into transitional living. The campus also built shelving in transitional housing for women at City House.

To support Gifts for Moms, Chase Oakers and the Legacy Team donated clothing and hosted a single moms’ clothing giveaway for our community.

Supporting Local Organizations

The Legacy Campus had numerous groups and teams of volunteers support local organizations by serving their clients and loving on their staff.

Volunteers from Chase Oaks spent the day working at Kyle’s Cabin, a part of My Possibilities, a local organization that serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 51 volunteers spent the day sorting and packing food at the North Texas Food Bank. Parking lot attendants helped Real Options make their open house happen at their new location in Allen, TX.

Aside from partnering with organizations to support their clients, Chase Oakers also came around the staff at local organizations to show them love and appreciation for all they do for our community. They hosted staff appreciation events, made homemade goods, and bought gifts for the staff of Trusted World, Park Nursing Home, and Samaritan Inn.

Supporting Local Churches

Each and every Sunday, the Soul Church feeds the minds, bodies, and souls of the homeless community in downtown Dallas. What sets Soul Church apart is the radiance of Christ’s love that is expressed by God’s people.

The En Español Campus served alongside Soul Church to make a difference in the Dallas community. The campus’ band played during their service, and about 40 En Español Chase Oakers served food for 250 homeless people, helping the local church to love all people in our community.

Thank you, Chase Oakers, for making this another unbelievable season of making a difference and transforming our community. We look forward to hearing more #LoveDoesTheUnexpected stories this summer!

This summer, check out our blog and Facebook page for more creative ways we can love our neighbors and make a difference right where we are. If you are loving others or are being loved on by others, share your story using #LoveDoesTheUnexpected on social media! Let’s inspire and encourage one another to do the unexpected by loving others in surprising ways.