When we set goals in our lives, most of the time we set goals that are measurable. For example, if we are want to live a healthier lifestyle, we might set a goal where we eat salad with dinner or where we replace three meals per week with protein shakes. If our goals are not measurable, we will not know if what we are doing to achieve our goals is effective.

dna-icons-count-change-smlAt Chase Oaks, our goal is to be a place where people can come as they are, be transformed, and make a difference. One way to measure our effectiveness is to look for evidence of transformation in the lives of Chase Oakers, in our community, and throughout the world.

We count the change. As the agents of God’s redemption on this broken planet, our effectiveness is measured by both personal and community transformation.

Counting the Change through Personal Transformation

The Transforming Power of LifeGroups

Coming from non-churched, broken homes made marriage difficult in its early years for Chase Oakers Kain and Amber Coughlin. After getting pregnant with their first child, they struggled with connecting to each other and were on the brink of divorce when they decided to try out a LifeGroup at Chase Oaks.

After joining a LifeGroup that focused on young married couples, the Coughlins found connection and community. Seeing other couples share their struggles gave the couple a sense of relief.

In their group, the couple experienced transformation as they learned ways to strengthen their marriage and how to parent as partners. But their transformation went beyond their marriage. It led to the couple serving and leading at Chase Oaks, transforming the lives of those around them.

To read their full story, check out The Transforming Power of LifeGroups.

The Transforming Power of Established

When the Alvaran LifeGroup began their 10-week journey in Established, they did not know how their entire group would be transformed by one single study. Established takes your group through the foundational elements of Christianity while creating connection and community as each member shares their story.

Going through Established helped the group understand more about each other and their faith. After studying about baptism, many people in the group expressed their desire to get baptized. So, the group decided to have a baptism in their own backyard at one of their meetings, which was led by Legacy Campus Pastor Peter Park.

Counting the Change through Community Transformation

The Transforming Power of Love in Our Community

This spring, we started a movement, Love Does The Unexpected, to transform our community through acts of love, service, and generosity. From hosting school carnivals and packing meals to supporting women and local organizations, our campuses made a difference in so many lives in our community.

Aside from our campuses, individual Chase Oakers responded to needs in their neighborhoods, schools, and communities to show the transforming love of Jesus to others. Chase Oaker Phil Parlin took care of a neighbor who was a quadriplegic, leading to a friendship that transformed their lives. Chase Oaker Marie Morgan is going to use her career as a nurse practitioner to love and serve victims of human trafficking by opening a practice where she is able to visit and provide care for these men and women.

You can find more stories of transformation and love doing the unexpected on our website and blog.

Counting the Change through Global Transformation

The Transformation of the Casa Hogar Elim Orphanage

Chase Oaker Anita Maddox answered the call to make a difference in our world. After struggling with alcoholism for most of her life, Anita was ready for a change and sought treatment at a rehabilitation center. After leaving the treatment center, she looked for a place to find God, and she found Chase Oaks.

At Chase Oaks, Anita learned about God, which transformed her life and gave her purpose. After attending Chase Oaks for two years, Anita went on a mission trip to Casa Hogar Elim Orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Again, Anita experienced transformation and felt called to lead missions to the orphanage.

Today, Anita and her husband are leading the way for missions in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. And through Chase Oakers’ generosity and service, Chase Oaks and Anita are making a difference around the world at the Casa Hogar Elim Orphanage.

Because of the support of Chase Oakers, they are making strides in education as they have access to daily support services, and they are making everyday life better as they have the tools and resources to serve fresh food such as eggs, vegetables, and fruits.

All of the services, resources, and love are transforming the lives of the children and their community. As we continue to work in this area in the world, we look forward to hearing more stories of love and transformation.

The Transformation of East Africa

After traveling to East Africa, Chase Oaker Robert Vanman was blown away by the reality in Burundi—the closest water source was unsanitary and four kilometers away and between 50 and 120 children were dying each year as a result of a water-related illness.

As the chairman of Think East Africa, Robert works with other men and women and organizations to bring clean water to Burundi. Clean water has transformed the communities in Burundi, bringing hope to its people.

There has been a significant decrease in deaths related to water-related illnesses. Having local access to clean water allows families to bring in two incomes, giving parents the ability to provide for their families and send their children to school.

To read more about Think East Africa and the global impact of having access to clean water, read Think East Africa: Bringing Clean Water to Communities.

If you have experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ, you may consider taking the next step in your faith journey: baptism. We believe baptism is an outward sign of the transformation that is taking place inside. To find out more about baptism or to register for our next Baptism Class, visit Baptism Weekend at Chase Oaks.