Choosing Your Friends Wisely

Posted by Maggie Coffey, Communications Resident, on Feb 11, 2020

Choosing Your Friends Wisely

Friends are easily one of the most important relationships in our lives! We grow up recognizing that we need people around us to have fun with, encourage us, and to be there in the bad times.

Something I’ve noticed while growing up is that my circle of friends has shrunk with each year. No longer is it as important to me to have the most friends or to know most people. I value the people in my life who can communicate difficult truths and who can have a good time with me. These are the friendships to look for and the ones that will last the longest.

The truth is that the older we get, the less time we have to spend with people, so the people you choose to spend time with are important! So, how do we know who to choose? It’s important to look for these characteristics when choosing a potential life friend.

Friends should be committed to self-improvement.

Friends are people who want to grow and see you grow, too! Do they have people in their lives encouraging them to be on a wise path? Are they putting in the effort for personal growth? If not, then are they open to it? These are important questions! Whoever you choose to be on your life team should be looking for ways to improve their lives. Who doesn’t want to be the best of themselves?

Friends should be willing to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a huge part of choosing friends. Have you been vulnerable to these friends before? Do you feel comfortable being vulnerable with them? The foundation of your core friend group should be vulnerability!

Vulnerability is one of those qualities in a friendship that bonds you together. It’s an invitation for that person to go deeper as a friend. When you open yourself up to others, there is a fear of rejection, but there is also a sense of trust you have now with that person.

So, when thinking of who you want to come alongside you, invite that person out to coffee and get to know them! If you allow some vulnerability from your end and they receive it well, then that might be a great friend to consider!

Friends should be available.

One of the last characteristics to consider in finding a friend is availability! We want the people of our life team to be available to be there. When choosing a friend, it has to be a two-way availability! Yes, we have to make time for them, but they need to make time for us as well. See if they’re initiating hangouts as much as you are! That is a determining factor when choosing a friend!

Overall, finding a good group of friends can be tricky, but it is very important! Friends can make or break a season of life, and they hold a lot of influence over our lives. Friendships are so important in our lives. Choosing our friends wisely will not just benefit us; it will transform our lives!

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