At Chase Oaks Church, we believe in partnering with local churches in our community and throughout the world to make a difference. We have developed a global strategy to help us be intentional as we strive to build up impoverished communities around the world. This year, we are taking our global strategy to make a difference in Cairo, Egypt.

Chase Oaks Church Global Strategy

Last year, we celebrated our 10-year partnership in Ethiopia. For 10 years, we worked alongside indigenous leadership to plant churches and to bring holistic ministry to northern Ethiopia. Because of the generosity of Chase Oakers, the great leadership in Ethiopia, and God’s grace, the partnership was a huge success!

We approached our initiative in Ethiopia using our global strategy. Our global strategy includes:

  • Working with healthy local churches and indigenous leaders who are already making a difference in their community.
  • Investing our time and resources in an intentional way with a few key partners.
  • Contributing to leadership development.
  • Prioritizing methods of helping the poor that empower rather than create dependency.

After Ethiopia’s project became self-sustainable, we knew it was time to start thinking of another dark place in the world to which we could bring light. When we are looking for global partners that may fit our global strategy, we send a team from Chase Oaks to meet with potential partners to see how we can make a difference in that part of the world.

A Trip to Egypt

This past June, Chase Oaks Church sent a team of five people to Cairo, Egypt, to see some of the partnerships Bright Hope World had been developing for several years. While we were in Cairo, we saw amazing people sacrificing a lot to make a huge difference in the lives of “other” poor in their own country.

The Condition of Cairo

In Egypt, particularly the Cairo area, we found some of the poorest of the poor we’ve seen in our global partners. There are more than 20 million people in greater Cairo trying to survive the strained economic environment brought on by the vast number of people and recent instability in the country.

To say Cairo is overpopulated is an understatement. Many of its people are day laborers searching for the daily sustenance needed to simply support themselves and their families.

The Church in Cairo

On this trip, we were introduced to churches and small groups of Christian brothers and sisters with huge concern for their own as well as others who have yet to follow Jesus. The Christian population is highly persecuted in this area. Many live daily with a lack of income and housing due greatly to their chosen faith in a country where they are a significant minority.

We saw church leaders and mission-minded followers of Jesus that experience the same hardships, but they do not let that prevent them from giving their personal resources to serve those even less fortunate.

We had the privilege of meeting some of the beneficiaries of the programs they are operating in greater Cairo: vocational training, loan programs, refugee assistance, and addiction abatement.

Our Partners in Egypt

These partners are all church-based, meaning each program and ministry comes from and is overseen by local churches in the Cairo area. We firmly believe the hope of Christ is best modeled by the local church as it can physically be His hands and feet in ministry today.

Each of the partners we will engage have been deeply vetted by Bright Hope World over several years of building relationships and hearing the vision and passion that supports the kingdom work they do.

Our team that visited Egypt and the elders of Chase Oaks Church are very excited for you to get to know them through our Global Partners page.

A Bright Future in Egypt

As we embark on this journey with Bright Hope World and the people of Egypt, we anticipate great progress to be made over the next 5-6 years. These partners, as well as those of us who saw first-hand the work that’s being done, have very high expectations of the growth and development of their ministries, which will lead to exponential transformation in the lives of their fellow countrymen.

Through our sacrificial giving and their sacrificial work, we are looking forward to witnessing the significant impact our partnership will have on the people to whom they are ministering. And we are very thankful to help bring hope and love to a part of the world that needs it.

Make a difference today by making a donation to our Global Fund. We look forward to partnering with you to transform our world one community at a time!