This holiday season, Chase Oaks Church partnered with the community to make this Christmas a wonderful time of year for struggling families. Chase Oakers donated gifts and coats for kids and single moms and served at ToyZone and Gifts for Moms to make both events memorable.

As we head into this wondrous season, let’s celebrate the impact of loving our community this Christmas.

The Impact of Loving Our Community This Christmas

This year, Chase Oakers made a huge impact on our community this holiday season. Between ToyZone and Gifts for Moms, we were able to serve 492 families and 674 kids and shower them with gifts, coats, and love.

When our campuses come together for a common good, some amazing things happen in our community. Here is the impact of loving our community this Christmas.

ToyZone at the Family Center

Our Chase Oaks Family Center hosted their annual ToyZone Store on December 11-14. The Family Center invited families from Mendenhall Elementary, Rountree Elementary, Terrace Elementary, Rasor Elementary, Family Promise, Shiloh Place, and Agape Resource Center.

To make ToyZone a huge success, the Legacy Campus, En Español Campus, Sloan Creek Campus, and the Richardson Campus came together to provide incredible toys and warm coats for 456 kids. In addition to dropping off donations, Chase Oakers, across campuses, served the 281 families who walked through the doors of the Family Center.

Each family left with coats and wrapped presents for each of their kids. While serving the families, volunteers were able to connect with the parents in a personal way as they assisted them in shopping and taking their wrapped gifts to their car.

One volunteer at the Family Center was even able to reconnect with a mom she had met while serving at Family Promise. It made the day so special for both the mom and the volunteer.

After serving families at ToyZone, the Family Center had more coats to give away! So, they gathered the coats (3T-5T) and donated them to PISD’s Head Start Program. They were so grateful to receive your generous donations!

Our partners had wonderful things to say about Chase Oakers and all of their hard work to create a warm, inviting atmosphere at ToyZone. Here is what they had to say:

  • “Family Promise has been engaged with Toy Zone for several years, and it continues to be a blessing to our families. What makes ToyZone special is that it allows struggling families to pick out and purchase gifts for their children with dignity.  Every year, our families are so excited to pick out their own gifts, and we continue to be so very grateful for our partnership with this wonderful program!” –Christen Myers from Family Promise
  • “This year is my second year of sending families to ToyZone. I was finally able to put a place to the name with the opportunity to visit the Family Center. What I witnessed was a commitment to giving, a community of altruistic individuals, and a special place centered in faith. ToyZone is truly a blessing, and I know our families are so, so grateful for you all.” –Prisana Cheng from Terrace Elementary
  • “When Rountree was invited to participate in the ToyZone experience, we didn’t really know what to expect…what an amazing experience it was! I was able to visit each room, and each person greeted me with such joy! Thank you for honoring our families with such grace through your ministry. You reflect the light of Christ during this season and always!” –Beth Bentley from Rountree Elementary

ToyZone at the Woodbridge Campus

This year, our Woodbridge Campus once again hosted their own ToyZone Store at their campus on December 13-14. Partnering with four schools in Wylie ISD and one school in Garland ISD, the Woodbridge Campus served 61 families and 118 kids in our community.

Like the ToyZone Store at the Family Center, each family received free gift-wrapping for each gift and one free coat for each kid. Aside from all the wonderful donations, Chase Oakers at the Woodbridge Campus also came together to create an incredible shopping experience for the families.

And ToyZone did more than just show love to our families; it inspired love! Emily Wilson, from the Woodbridge Campus, shared a story of how ToyZone inspired a mom to give what she had.

When a mom was checking out, she donated an additional $10 to help purchase more toys to spread more love this Christmas season. And her inspiration came from what ToyZone did for her kids and her family.

Another mom shared how much the ToyZone experience meant to her and her family. She is the mother of two boys and one girl. Her family has had a difficult year after her fiancé was laid off and they lost their home. But ToyZone made their season brighter. Here is what this mom wanted all of Chase Oaks to know about the impact of loving our community this Christmas:

“All I can say is wow. You have no idea how huge of a blessing this was to our family this year, but I feel really moved to tell you so that you may spread it through your church so that maybe you can tell them directly about one family they so largely impacted with their generosity…The gifts that you provided our family at such a deep discount ABSOLUTELY saved Christmas for us. I just really, really need you to know that you blessed us tenfold when we needed it most. And I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for loving on your community, because families like ours are directly impacted. We are so grateful. So, so grateful!”

What a privilege to serve and love on families through ToyZone. But loving our community didn’t stop with ToyZone.

Gifts for Moms at the Legacy Campus

Gifts for Moms is a partnership ministry of Chase Oaks Church Legacy Campus. During weekend services in November and December, the Legacy Campus collected gift donations for single moms.

Not only did the moms receive incredible gifts, but they also attended an amazing celebration on December 14, where they enjoyed a great meal and spent time with other single moms.

This year, the Gifts for Moms event had 50 volunteers who served and loved on over 150 moms. 100 children were loved on in childcare while their moms enjoyed a night of pampering and fun!

The night began with fee valet parking and a wonderful dinner from Savory Kitchen. The single moms were also able to pick out Christmas gifts for their kids during the event.

Aside from Chase Oakers, a few local businesses donated gifts for each mom to make them feel special this season. Helzberg Diamonds donated a bag with three gifts for each mom. The gift bags included a bracelet that said, “You are loved.” Grateful Gratitude Hearts donated a stone heart for each mom. TIGI donated shampoo bags.

Describing the impact of the Gifts for Moms event, Legacy Campus Outreach Director Tracy Parlin wrote, “We put out the red carpet treatment for them, and our hope was that they felt loved. Toward the end of the night, they shared their testimonies and had a talent show, sang workshop songs, and praised God. One mom prayed to receive Christ. Many of the volunteers came up after the event and said they were ministered to by these women. It was a magical night and couldn’t happen without the generosity of our church.”

It was a community effort to pull off ToyZone and this wonderful holiday event for single moms and their kids.

Thank you, Chase Oaks family, for making this season special for so many families and for serving and loving our community this Christmas well. We hope to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends at one of our Christmas services. May your holiday season be merry and bright!

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