Celebrating Gifts for Good 2022

Posted on Dec 20, 2022

Celebrating Gifts for Good 2022

The Local Good Center recently hosted Gifts for Good 2022, its annual Christmas “store” for families from local partner schools and organizations. Participating parents shopped for brand-new and deeply discounted toys for each of their children, bringing both dignity and joy to their homes this holiday season.

Thanks to the donations of countless Chase Oaks families, the store was stocked with some of the hottest toys of the season including bicycles, scooters, skateboards, LEGO and craft kits, dolls, and more. Each child also received a free winter coat to keep them warm throughout the coming months.

On the day of the event, 165 dedicated volunteers were on hand to help guide parents through the shop as well as provide free gift-wrapping. Over half of these volunteers were new to the Local Good Center—but they, along with many of the new families, had a perfect opportunity to learn about the many programs and services offered by the LGC. Several Spanish-speaking Chase Oaks staff were also on hand to help the families feel at home with their warmth and humor.

Simret Ingram, Education Director at the Local Good Center, shared more about the impact of the day:

“I loved hearing from the volunteers interacting with the families in the waiting room. Many of the families that came through didn’t know about the Local Good Center, and they were our champions. Chuck Schrodel came to the entrance and kept grabbing extra brochures because he ran out of them. He said almost everyone he spoke to didn’t know what we did at Local Good Center... It was just very heartwarming to hear and see Chase Oakers pass on the mission to the very people we are trying to reach, while giving them a wonderful Christmas.”

In all, 209 families from the following schools and community partners shopped at Gifts for Good, providing toys for 470 children: Terrace Elementary, Rountree Elementary, Rasor Elementary, Birmingham Elementary, Pearson Early ChildhoodSchool, Christie Elementary, Emily’s Place, Agape,Family Promise, Gifts for Moms, and City House. After the event, any remaining toys were distributed among the seven partner schools and the Children’s Advocacy Center. All extra coats were given to Headstart.

Because of generosity and hard work of so many donors and volunteers, Gifts for Good 2022 helped to brighten the holidays for children and families in our communities.

To find out more about programs and volunteer opportunities with the Local Good Center, visit https://www.localgoodcenter.org/

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