Whether we like it or not, we’ve entered a new season, a new era, a new way of living, working, shopping—a new way of life! The biggest change might be a new way of relating to others, utilizing the internet for online video team meetings, social distancing, and no grouping. Those three changes alone take some real patience and learning to pull off.

While these changes may seem difficult to us, we have the opportunity to create unique ways we can relate to people in our community. We even have an opportunity to change a platform that is commonly used to relate to our neighbors, and if we navigate this change strategically, we will have accomplished two great outcomes: the chatter on the platform will become more positive and our relationships with our neighbors will improve exponentially!

What is that platform you ask? It’s the Nextdoor App available on our smart devices.

Being Here For Good in Our Neighborhoods

For some reading this, you just sighed, and for others, you love helping people get reunited with their pets or being forewarned of a suspicious person in the neighborhood. Whether you like the app or not, it can be a great tool to relate to our neighbors in a positive way!

I believe we have a window to make a difference in the usage and application of Nextdoor and turn what some may feel is a negative, beat-down-to-read into a wonderful way of bringing encouragement, hope, and real help to our neighbors. In fact, we have a season now to bring good to all of our social media outlets!

How can we go about that? Here’s a short list:

  • Reach out with any kind of generosity offer. Let our neighbors know we are here for good and here to help.
  • Clearly state what you are offering to do: make drugstore trips, buy groceries and drop them off at their porch, offer in-home childcare for your children’s friends in the neighborhood, or provide food for families that need financial assistance.
  • Have a need to get the children out of the house? Start a #trashtag clean-up event at your local park and share on Nextdoor.
  • Thank those who are offering help on Nextdoor (there’s a button for that). Now is our time to post encouragement!
  • Host a collection drive for the nearest local food pantry. Have food dropped at your house and deliver to the pantry.

There are definitely many more positive posting opportunities and ideas. Every time we mention something, there will be someone inspired to do the same. That’s just the way we are wired, so post encouragement often.

Using the Nextdoor App

If this has inspired anyone to engage in the app, here is how you can use the Nextdoor App for good:

  • Download Nextdoor from your app store.
  • Sign up and select your specific neighborhood to let people know what area you live in.
  • Offer as much personal information as you feel comfortable because this helps people who don’t know you yet know you are willing to be known.
  • Post ways you are willing to serve.
  • Post encouragement and hope.

Let’s take this season to draw closer to our neighbors, offering ourselves to serve their needs and meeting new neighbors that will develop into new long-term friendships.

Happy neighboring!

For more ways you can make a difference in our community, check out our website where we are updating serving opportunities as they become available. Thank you for being here for good!