This year, the average person will spend $115.57 on gifts to celebrate dad on Father’s Day, bringing the national total to approximately $12.7 billion. Some presents will consist of an expensive tie or something fun for his car.

While there are many reasons why we celebrate Father’s Day, we do not always have to break the bank to celebrate dad. Sometimes, an experience or a home-cooked meal is how we can show dad how much we love and appreciate him this Father’s Day.

How We Can Celebrate Dad

Here are some ways we can spend time with dad and make him feel special on his big day.

Get out on the water.

One of dad’s favorite things to do is to get out on the water. So, plan a special trip to the lake (don’t forget your fishing pole!), take dad to a waterpark, or get your pool noodles ready to spend the day in your backyard. The important part is to get the family out there doing the things dad loves.

Spend the day playing games.

This Father’s Day, take dad to an arcade where he can be a kid again or have a video game marathon in the comfort of your living room. Or if dad is on the competitive side, take him go-kart racing or go to a local park and play a game of hoops. Just spend time with dad and play the games that he enjoys.

Plan a special meal for dad.

Fire up the grill and get out the hamburger buns. Or get the family ready and head out to the best steak place in town. Either way, dad will enjoy his meal eating with his favorite people. And don’t forget that big piece of chocolate cake!

If you are looking to make breakfast in bed or a four-course dinner for dad, check out Father’s Day Recipes.

Make something for dad’s desk.

Another way to celebrate dad is to have the family make something special for his desk. If you are the crafty type, dad might enjoy a hand-sewn sleeve for his laptop or tablet, especially if he has to carry it around all the time.

Another simple DIY gift requires a few scrabble blocks, a picture frame, and a favorite photo. Simply put the photo in the frame and use the scrabble blocks to write a special message to dad.

You can find other ideas for dad’s desk on Shutterfly where you can create custom mugs, business card holders, desk name plates, and mouse pads. Just pick the right gift for dad, upload a few photos, write a special message, and you have a gift ready for dad this weekend!

Take dad out to the ball game.

Before it gets too hot, you can celebrate Father’s Day by taking dad out to the ball game. Whether you sit in the upper section or the lower level reserved seats, be sure to grab dad a cool refreshment and a hot dog, and he will be in for a treat!

And grab some team gear on the way—hats, t-shirts, jerseys, flip-flops, whatever you can find at your local department store!

Give dad the remote for the day.

Get ready to watch a mixture of ESPN and Star Wars movies for the day. While he lounges in his favorite dad chair, make some popcorn and pass the bowl around for the entire family! There is nothing dad will love more than watching his favorite shows and movies with his family.

Let dad know he is number one.

Just like moms, dads need words of affirmation. You can let dad know he is number one with homemade cards from the children, a #1 dad trophy, or a “best dad” mug. The important part is to let him know how much you love and appreciate him. A few simple words or a phrase is all it takes to celebrate dad this Father’s Day.

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