Love Does The Unexpected is about making a difference in the lives of those around us in our community, our neighborhoods, and our church. After having his car totaled, Chase Oaker Bill Gaines, “Wild Bill,” was in a difficult spot. But the First Impressions Team at the Chase Oaks Legacy Campus came around Bill Gaines in his time of need, showing him how big and unexpected love can be.

Video Transcription

How Bill Loved Others

So, several months ago, our faithful Bill—he got in a car accident. He saw a woman who had broken down on the shoulder of the highway shoulder, and he had pulled behind her to help shield her in case something happened, and it did. The car got totaled, and in a way by his car getting totaled, it actually protected the lady and her vehicle.

And so, for months and months and months, the insurance company wasn’t coming through, and it was just this huge deal. He has been literally walking 2-2.5 hours each way. He just has the biggest servant’s heart, and he wanted to be here. There was a need for him to have transportation, reliable transportation.

How Others Loved Bill

We came up with the idea, “Hey, why don’t we have the whole First Impressions Team to really pitch in because he’s been serving faithfully even during the week behind the scenes and we had no clue?”

I put the word out to the First Impressions Team because everyone knows Wild Bill. Like everyone knows him and loves him. And so, I started a new GoFundMe page, and I just said, you know this is what happened, we all know Bill, and I put the story on there. And we wanted to surprise Bill because Love Does The Unexpected. We wanted it to be a surprise.

How Others Surprised Bill

We found out from his brother that his birthday was coming up, and so, we wanted it to happen by that Friday night. So, we walked him down the hall and walked out there, and there was probably 75-100 people out there. The whole First Impressions Team, we came out right before Friday service and we all sang a big happy birthday surprise.

Next thing, I know here comes a bearded truck around the corner. And since then that truck is getting some miles put on him. No more GoLinks, no more DART buses. In itself, it is a blessing there. I wasn’t expecting anything like this. Still having a hard time. But it’s there now, and it’s starting to settle in.”

It was just this sweet moment of watching people love on our amazing Wild Bill. I just love how Chase Oakers are just super generous, but Bill is super deserving as well. Man, I’m just super grateful to be a part of that and get to witness Love Does in unexpected ways.

Like Wild Bill Gaines, we want to have a servant’s heart and love those around us. If you are looking for connection and community, check out one of our Campus Teams where you will have the opportunity to love others and be loved by others.