Come as You Are

For most of her life, Chase Oaker Anita Maddox identified as an atheist and struggled with alcoholism. Ready for a change, Anita sought help in a drug and alcohol treatment center. Upon leaving the treatment center, Anita began looking for a place where she could learn about God. Not only would she find God, but she would find a special calling to make a difference in our world.

Be Transformed

Described as having a magnetic and charismatic personality, Anita jumped right in at Chase Oaks to learn more about God and what He wanted for her. Learning more about God transformed Anita’s life.

Casa Hogar ElimAfter attending Chase Oaks for two years, Anita decided to go on a mission trip to an orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Most orphanages are run by the state, but Casa Hogar Elim is one of the few Christian orphanages in Mexico. Casa Hogar Elim is home to over 100 children.

Make a Difference

After visiting the orphanage, Anita embarked on a remarkable journey that revealed an incredible calling from God. In 2011, Chase Oaks did a sermon about finances and how we can use God’s money. As a result, Anita Maddox was one of the volunteers that received $100. Anita used the money to start a jewelry business with the older girls in the orphanage.

Wholly Inspired Designs by CHE is a non-profit company that provides for the children’s needs as well as specialized training for the older girls in the make a differenceorphanage. The older girls learn about design, manufacturing, and quality and inventory control. Originally, the company started selling jewelry at Chase Oaks. Now, they sell jewelry, key chains, wallets, and handbags. 100% of the profits go toward Casa Hogar Elim. To check out the designs, visit Wholly Inspired Designs by CHE.

As Anita became more involved with the orphanage, Chase Oaks External Ministries Pastor John Stanley approached Anita and her husband to see if they were interested in leading mission trips to Casa Hogar Elim. Anita said “yes,” feeling like this was her calling to make a difference in the world.

Discussing the importance of Anita and her husband’s leadership in the mission field, External Ministries Pastor John Stanley shares his excitement, “We are really looking forward to seeing how that orphanage does take those children that have been really emotionally surviving to thriving. And we think that what Anita is going to bring us at Chase Oaks is opportunities to be a part of the great things that are happening at the orphanage in the future.”

Answering the Call

When we hear God’s voice, Anita encourages us to take the leap of faith and to follow His voice, “If you’re on that tipping point of saying, ‘God I feel like I’m called, but I don’t know.’ Just tip over. Let Him take you. It’s going to be an adventure that you will not regret.

It does not matter how broken or messed up we are. God can use us to make a difference in his world. If you are interested in joining Anita and her husband on a special adventure to Casa Hogar Elim in Nuevo Laredo, check out Short-Term Missions.