3 Must-Have "C’s" To Add To Your Crew

Posted by Maggie Coffey, Contributing Writer, on Jul 23, 2021

3 Must-Have "C’s" To Add To Your Crew

As we get older, we realize that our friendships and the people who surround us matter more than ever. It’s even funny to think that, as we age, the number of people we choose to be around decreases dramatically.

Can you think of people who you know but only on a surface level? What about those who know you fully and completely? Does anyone really know you like that?

Life is not meant to be lived alone. Building your crew matters. Here are some people to consider being a part of your crew!


Do you remember having a coach in your life that pushed you to be better? Encouraged you every step of the way? Demanded excellence because they knew you could achieve it? That’s a great coach!

A coach is someone in your life who is a subject matter expert in what they’re coaching. They are competent and respected in their field and want to develop these skills in others. A coach is someone who is autonomous from you and not someone who you’d share struggles with. They are there to build you up to be the best version of yourself in whatever field they’re coaching you in!

It could be executive coaching all the way to a music coach. Coaches are imperative because they push us to a higher expectation knowing we can reach that standard. These are the people who know our potential before we even do.

We don’t want to walk through life without direction and focus. To prevent this, we need coaches! But where do we find them? Ask around your church community if somebody knows someone who could help! There are also plenty of coaching organizations that are just one Google search away.

When building your crew, coaches are what keep us focused and directed to achieving a higher level of ourselves.


When was the last time we prioritized our mental health? If we know that going to the gym and eating healthy will improve our physical health, don’t we need to take steps to improve our mental health?

Counselors, different than coaches, are there to provide support and give us skills to promote self-care. These individuals are trained and licensed and are prepared to equip us with the tools necessary to take care of ourselves. Counselors are ultimately outlets for us when we need to vent or process life events. They are better than venting to friends because they are trained to give constructive feedback and assess how your life events are affecting you.

Counselors are important because when we only vent or process with our friends, we are left only with a cathartic release. While it does feel great to let our guard down and be vulnerable with a friend, are they going to give us the tools we need? Probably not.

When building a crew, we need counselors! They are focused on our psychological and relational health making us better people from the core outward! Counselors encourage us to stop and prioritize our mental health so that we can be the best versions of ourselves!


One of the last key components in building your crew is finding comrades! Now while these are friends, they are not just your casual friends or acquaintances. Comrades are your life team.

Specifically, comrades are roughly 3-10 people of your choosing who will know everything about you and can handle all of it. These are the people who will be there at the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. They are two-way relationships where you will be equally as invested in them as they are with you.

Comrades are an essential part of our crew. These are the people we will walk through life with and grow with through the majority of our adulthood. They will be the ones with whom we share the sweetest memories and be the most vulnerable. Comrades, when chosen well, are truly one of the sweetest gifts.

That’s our crew! These are the people who will not just grow us professionally but also personally and be there for us. They say that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time around. If that’s true, then who we let into our crew is imperative! If life is not meant to be spent alone, then we must surround ourselves with life-giving people!

Groups are a perfect way to connect with potential crew-mates! Registration for the fall is happening soon; visit here for more information.

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