Truth in Advertising

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 12, 2017

Do you expect your life to go a certain way because you are in relationship with Jesus? Do you assume that He is going to make your life better? Join us this weekend for week three of the series called "Unexpected." Let's find out why the improvement God makes in our lives doesn't always happen [...]

Wrestle Mania

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 13, 2016

Blessed people have all they need, right? Life is full and they are perfectly set... in work, in relationships, in matters of money, and in their connection with God. They are above need, independent, and self-sufficient. Or, are they? Join Jeff Jones this weekend as he takes on Week Four of the series “#blessed.” Based [...]

Not Part of the Plan

Speaker: Greg Holmes, Communications Pastor | March 6, 2016

Have you put in a prayer request to God but feel like He’s being inattentive or slow? Is everyone around you sharing their blessings while you are pleading God to come through for you? Join Greg Holmes this weekend as he dives into Week Three of the series “#blessed.” Based on the story of Jacob, [...]