When Grace Changes Everything

Speaker: Greg Holmes, Communications Pastor | July 30, 2017

In week three of our “Born to Be Wild” Series, we are going to see that it’s not always about doing a bunch of things and saving the day—it’s often about living in such a way that God gets credit for being the hero of our lives. Join us this week as we learn about [...]

Purpose through Surrender

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 15, 2017

Are you still in search of your purpose? Last week we talked about how God has hand-crafted us for a very specific purpose. Are you thinking to yourself "now what is it I need to be doing to find it"?' Join us this weekend for the next chapter in a series called "Custom Made." It's [...]

We Glow in the Dark

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | November 13, 2016

In crazy times how do you respond? Do you seek escape? Do you choose to ignore? Or do you rise to the occasion and shine? Join Jeff Jones this weekend for Week Two of the series called, “WE TOO.” It's about what makes this church unique... our vision... our mission... our DNA. Let's explore just [...]