A Movement of Radical Love

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | April 23, 2017

God loves to move into mess and create beauty. It’s what He does, and He is very good at it. This applies to us on a personal level but also on a cultural level too. We live in a culture that hungers for something more--deeper connections with one another and bigger meaning in our life. [...]

The Challenge of Intimacy

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Guest Speaker | May 29, 2016

Are you in the midst of a battle? Does a challenge you are facing have you wondering, “can I handle it”? Is there a relationship that you are struggling to restore that gets messier every time you apply effort? Join guest speaker Blake Bergstrom for Week Four of the series, “Jack, Jill & the Hill.” [...]

Crazy Love

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | April 3, 2016

Everyone is unique in one way or another. How do you "stand out"? As a Christ-follower what do you consider your identifier to be? Join Jeff Jones this weekend as he kicks off a brand new series called "Make a Difference 2gether." It’s about the way that we as Christians are called to stand out, [...]