Help & Healing



What is Renew?

Life can throw a wide range of difficulties our way, life challenges and events that are a source of anger, anxiety, pain, and shame to just name a few.  Renew is a place where people can find help and support to change the person most empowered to tackle the messiness of life, you.

Renew is divided into two related, yet distinct areas: Renew:Me and Renew:Marriage.


Who is Renew:Me for?

Renew:Me is for anyone who’s dealing with issues or situations in life and wants to take steps toward healing and change.  So whether it’s divorce, breaking a habit, loss of a loved one, broken relationships, or stress at home or work, the common unifying factor at Renew:Me is helping you become the best you that God desires you to be.


Who is Renew:Marriage for?

Renew:Marriage is for husbands and wives who are looking to better themselves in their marriage.  Whether it’s the couple looking for ways to deepen their connection with one another or the couple holding on by a thread, Renew:Marriage is designed to transform each person in the marriage so that their marriage can flourish the way God intended.


When is Renew?

Renew happens every Thursday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Legacy Campus.  Free childcare is provided.

Contact Janette Walker at [email protected] for more information.