New? (Legacy Campus)




DNA-Simple-IconWe Keep It Simple

We seek to do a few things well… weekly large-group gatherings and small-group communities.


DNA-Same-Boat-IconWe’re All In The Same Boat.

We are all on a journey of transformation.  We celebrate momentum over destination and inspire through grace rather than shame.


DNA-Boycott-IconWe Boycott Boycotts.

We are known for what we are for, not what we are against.  We seek to shine God’s light and love rather than bringing condemnation and judgment.


DNA-Glow-IconWe Glow In The Dark.

We move into hopelessness, need and injustice with the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.  We realize that God has called us here to be a light.


DNA-Party-IconThis Is Not Our Party.

This is the Father’s party, and we are His servants, privileged to prepare the party and invite the guests.  We design our environments to not only be relevant for us, but for those who have yet to come.


DNA-Not-Alone-IconWe Don’t Go It Alone.

We do life together in groups, ministry in teams, and serve our community in partnership with others.


DNA-Pass-Baton-IconWe Pass The Baton.

We invest in the next generation and give influence to emerging leaders, allowing us to stay effective for generations.


DNA-Salad-IconWe Are A Salad, Not A Soup.

We are intentionally diverse, believing that the mix of generations, ethnicities, and cultures helps create the rich and surprising unity Jesus prayed for in John 17.


DNA-Dont-Sweat-IconWe Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

We strive to focus on our common mission and core biblical beliefs.  We refuse to allow secondary issues to divide our church.


DNA-Count-Growth-IconWe Count The Change.

As the agents of God’s redemption on this broken planet, our effectiveness is measured by both personal and community transformation.