Every guy needs a place where he can feel comfortable, relax, and be real—an environment where it’s not about being impressive but about being known. Come connect with other guys at Chase Oaks Church through a men’s short-term group. Through some authentic conversations around life and God’s Word, we’ll journey with each other and encourage one another as we live, work, and lead wherever we find ourselves.

A Man Cave can be found in many places – a garage, a coffee bar, or even a Whataburger! It doesn’t really matter where it is as long as a guy can be authentic and purposeful. Come find your cave with other guys here at Chase Oaks. Caves meet at campuses, garages, or hangout places throughout our neighborhoods as guys come together to study Gene Getz’s The Measure of a Man.



If you’re interested in starting a Man Cave, maybe with guys in your LifeGroup, your workplace, or your neighborhood, click below to reserve a Man Cave Starter Kit. This kit will include everything you need to start your group. Stuff like: “The Code of the Cave,” some “Man Cards,” a Leader Guide called “Leading the Cave,” and a free copy of Gene Getz’s newly updated version of “The Measure of a Man.”

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