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Ethiopia Project


2017 Update

Ethiopia: Big Picture

The Ethiopia Project is about coming alongside strong indigenous leadership, assisting their vision of multiplying churches throughout northern Ethiopia, doing holistic ministry in a largely impoverished and unreached people group.  Click here for Ethiopia background info.

Chase Oaks Church Partnership with Bright Hope World

One of the principles we appreciate about Bright Hope World, the charitable organization we’re working with in Ethiopia, is their insistence on coming alongside solid indigenous leaders that are already doing the job, where God is already working.  They look for projects where great people are already doing the job and will continue to do it whether Bright Hope helps or not. The leaders and fellowship of churches that carry out the projects have a clear vision and are down the road with it.  They are under-resourced and under-trained, but they will continue regardless of what we do.

The point person for Bright Hope in Ethiopia, Worku Tafete, was raised in Ethiopia but fled the country when he was 17 years old to escape the violence. Worku is a very sharp and godly leader who has a clear vision for his native area. He has been very helpful as a bridge between the west (us) and his home country.


The Ministry Focus

  • Church Planting
  • Holistic Ministry (community development)
  • Support for widows & orphans & vulnerable seniors
  • Income generation


Current Issues in the Church Planting Effort

  • Persecution
  • Growth of Islam
  • Places to meet
  • Transportation
  • Bibles
  • Medical Care
  • Encouragement (these guys are exhausted)

2017 Update