City House/My Friend’s House


City House — My Friend’s House/Transitional Living
A part of the City House Shelter

Spring Creek and Independence
Plano, TX
Phone:  972.424.4626

Lisa Rodgers
Director of Volunteer Services
[email protected]

Gary & Sherry Rackley
Chase Oaks Liaisons
[email protected]
Phone: 214.704.5880

Each year in Collin County, more than 200 vulnerable children are removed from their homes due to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as abandonment or neglect. Sadly, there are less than 100 foster families in the county. As a result, children are often sent far from their familiar neighborhoods in search of emergency shelter.

My Friend’s House helps answer some of the need.  My Friend’s House will provide a safe home for children ages newborn to seventeen with a focus on keeping sibling groups together and meeting the needs of children.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Rock-n-Rollers (My Friend’s House, 2-hours commitment any day):
    Provide support to child specialists working with babies. This involves rocking, reading and singing to them and taking them outside on a stroll. Provide our youngest children with much needed social interaction to help in the development of trust and build the necessary framework for positive brain development.
  • Play Dates (My Friend’s House, 2-hour commitment any day):
    Provide support to child specialists working with toddlers/preschoolers. This involves positive interaction with individuals as well as working in small groups. Volunteers will assist in implementing developmentally appropriate activities designed to build a child’s self-esteem and help them feel loved and supported through the use of play.
  • Dust Bunnies (All facilities, commitment varies, any day):
    At My Friend’s House: this involves basic housekeeping duties from washing dishes and vacuuming to tidying bedrooms. It also involves assisting children with their daily chores and helping them develop these necessary life skills.
    At the Trips Houses: this involves occasional “deep cleaning” as the residents are responsible for most of the daily chores.
  • Suds & Duds (My Friend’s House, 2-hour commitment any day):
    Mounds of laundry will need to be washed, dried and put away daily. It may also involve minor mending and keeping track of needed laundry supplies. Children may be involved in the folding and putting away of their laundry.
  • Admin Aces (All programs, 2-hour commitment any day):
    We need help copying, filing, typing, creating spreadsheets, organizing and general support for our staff.
  • Nail Biters (Maintenance) (All facilities, commitment varies):
    Work as needed at the facilities to paint, decorate, make minor repairs, mow the yard, rake the leaves, or clean the shelter pool. List the tasks that you would be willing to do. Do you have any special skills (exp. carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.)?
  • Other opportunities available

NOTE: All volunteers are required to go through orientation, background checks and TB testing. Orientations are done quarterly. Visit their website for information on upcoming orientation dates.