Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of others. Below are the available Chase Oaks Church funds to which you can contribute.



Our General Fund allows us to do most of the ministry of Chase Oaks. It is used to cover the operating budget for all the ministries, staffing cost, and new ideas. If you have a heart for discipleship, the Next Generation, creating great weekend and small-group experiences, this is the fund that makes all of those things happen. Give now by selecting the campus below.



We can all find ourselves going through difficult seasons. The Love Fund is used to help those at Chase Oaks in the crisis times of life. This is a fund that provides short-term help for people who are in financial crisis and allows us to come alongside and journey with them in helpful and tangible ways.


Our Global Fund allows us to go above and beyond what we have in our General Fund to make a difference in key areas of the world that desperately need the hope and love of Jesus. The Global Fund provides the resources for our Africa projects and also allows us to respond to other needs like the refugee crisis in Jordan. To find out more about how we are investing in global issues, please check out our ACT page on the website.

Next Door. Next Gen. is a three-year capital project that started in December 2014. This $18 million dollar project involves connecting with and serving our neighborhoods, investing in the next generation, and making a difference right where people live by creating local sites for Chase Oaks campuses. This project has helped us expand and remodel our Kidzone space at our Legacy Campus, provide a permanent space for our Sloan Creek Campus, and launch our Woodbridge Campus, which included buying a “fixer upper” building that will be renovated for the campus. People have been incredibly generous, but we are still $3 million short to be able to renovate the Woodbridge facility the way we would want so it can make an incredible impact in their local community. If you would like to help the Woodbridge Campus get into their home, this would be a great investment.