Growing up, when it was time to make an important decision, I struggled with hearing God’s voice and knowing what choice to make. I remember asking my grandmother, “How do I know if this is what God really wants me to do? How do I know what He really wants for my life?” I attended church and youth group every Sunday morning and Wednesday night, I prayed often, I read the Bible. But I still did not understand how to discern God’s will for my life. I did not know how to make decisions.

When it came time to make a choice to go one way or another, I felt paralyzed by fear that I would make the wrong decision. I did not realize how to seek God’s wisdom. I had biblical knowledge but not the wisdom and insight to successfully apply it to my life. Sometimes, I would avoid making life-changing decisions because I was terrified of making the wrong decision.

While making choices that could change the course of our life can be scary, the good news is God is here with us to help us make good choices that will lead to a fulfilling pathway where we will find purpose and joy. God put specific people to speak wisdom into our lives and to give us support and encouragement. He gave His Word and a personal relationship with Him to enable us to make good decisions.

ac-pick-one-homepage-slide-718x434pxAlthough God has given us the tools to help us make good decisions, it can become confusing as we receive so much advice from our friends and family, from blogs and articles we read on social media, and from our coworkers. Oftentimes, we will receive conflicting advice, which can make decision-making even more difficult.

Making decisions is a major part of our lives. We make small decisions daily at our jobs, our schools, and in our homes. Sometimes, we make big decisions that alter our lives, that put us on a specific pathway. If you are a student, you have to make decisions about where to go to college or what you will major in. If you are single, you have to make decisions about whether or not to get married or what career you want to pursue. If you are married, you have to make decisions about what house to buy or when you are going to have children. If you are a parent, you have to make decisions about what to fix your children for dinner or how much screen time your children are allowed to have.

Since decision-making is such a big part of our lives, Chase Oaks Church will start a new sermon series called “Pick One: The Art of Decision-Making.” “Pick One” is a five-week sermon series where you’ll learn about how to stay connected with God, how to seek (and find) wisdom, and how to gain the freedom to make decisions that reflect God’s good and perfect will. You’ll learn how to make the best decisions possible for yourself and for the people you influence and care about.

short-term-groups-fpu-facebook-1200x627Not only will this study help you make decisions, but it can also help you build relationships with others. Gathering with a few friends will help you go deeper into the study and will allow you to have great conversations with people who are trying to make decisions just like you! If you are already in a small group at Chase Oaks, this study is designed for your group to go through together. If you are not part of a small group yet, you can think of a few friends, family members, co-workers, or neighbors you could invite to do this study with you. You could meet at someone’s house or a local coffeehouse—wherever everyone feels comfortable. The videos and the workbooks will help guide your group through discussions.

If you need to purchase a workbook for you or for a friend, workbooks will be on sale in all our campuses’ lobbies this weekend! Each workbook costs $5. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Join us for the kick-off of “Pick One” the weekend of January 12-14. Get your workbooks, gather with a few friends, and get ready to learn ways we can make good decisions without the fear and anxiety that often accompanies the process of decision-making.